Guy’s Bio

Guy Lee IV Office PhotoGuy is a professional engineer licensed in the Carolinas and several other States.  He has been working as an environmental consultant since 1993 and as a self-employed consultant since 1995.  In 2013, Guy reorganized his consulting business under Guy Lee IV PLLC.

Guy worked with the State of Delaware, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control as an Environmental Engineer and as an Environmental Program Manager.  After leaving Delaware, he managed hazardous waste compliance for RSR Corporation, a lead acid battery recycler.  He has also worked for manufacturers who design and manufacture engineered water treatment systems and in a service industry.

Guy works with clients to obtain environmental permits, prepare compliance reports and to develop compliance programs.  His focus is on obtaining permits and developing programs that are (1) easy to comply with, (2) allow his clients the maximum liberty of operation and (3) will be received favorably by inspectors, agencies and the public. 

Guy can be contracted to work on a specific air, water, waste or other project.  Depending on the organizational needs, he may be called upon to manage all aspects of environmental compliance.  He is an experienced emergency responder and is often the first call his clients make in the event of a spill or another incident.

Guy Lee IV PLLC is a North Carolina engineering firm.  Guy can provide engineering services in other licensed States under his name and non-engineering services under Guy Lee LLC anywhere.