Environmental Emergency Response

2013-09-22 truck spill 3Environmental spills can be expensive if they are not managed correctly.  Guy is a United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) trained emergency responder and served on Delaware’s State Environmental Response Team (SERT).  He can help ensure environmental protection at the lowest cost.

If you are a hazardous waste generator or subject to stormwater permitting, an environmental emergency response plan is likely required.  Guy can develop your response plan, and train site personnel on how to safely and responsibly respond to a chemical spill.  Prompt recognition and a fast response can save time and expense.  Often State involvement can be avoided if the chemical release is remediated quickly.

He is available to immediately mobilize to assist or direct spill cleanup.  If required, he will work with you to ensure State and Federal notifications are made in a timely manner.  When encountering a spill, the first thing a wise plant manager does is call Guy.

1990-06-27 USEPA training certificate