Solid and Hazardous Waste

waste drumsEvery business has liability under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).  Even it all a business generates is office trash, there should be a policy in place to ensure that hazardous materials are not disposed of in the municipal waste stream.

 Sample NC Municipal Waste Policy

Guy managed Delaware’s RCRA Permitting and Corrective Action Program.  He managed RCRA compliance for the largest domestic recycler of lead acid batteries.  As a consultant, he has helped numerous organizations comply with the Solid and Hazardous regulations.

Guy has standard procedures that can be easily and inexpensively modified to accommodate any size hazardous waste generator.  He has worked on issuance and has obtained Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage and Disposal (TSD) permits.  Most importantly, he is knowledgable of the definision of solid waste and can help organizations efficiently classify their solid waste streams.

If you are a Small Quantity Generator, a Large Quantity Generator, or even a TSD facility, Guy can help you efficiently and effectively comply with the applicable regulations.  Even if you do not generate hazardous waste and want to make sure your operations are sound, call Guy.

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