Community Right to Know (Tier II)

2013-09-15 chemical response 2

The purpose of Tier II reporting is to inform emergency responders as to the potential hazardous chemicals on-site and where they are located.  This report protects both responders and facilities.  As a previous member of a State Environmental Response Team (SERT), Guy understands the importance of knowing the hazards present when responding to a chemical incident.  As facility owner or operator, it is important to avoid subjecting emergency responders to unexpected hazards.

If you have (1) a chemical on-site for which you are required to have a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and (2) over 10,000 pounds of the chemical on-site at anytime during the year, it is likely you are required to report under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA).

There are some exemptions for plastics, metals and other chemicals that have low release potential.  There are lower reporting thresholds for listed Extremely Hazardous Chemicals.  There are higher reporting thresholds for fuels at gasoline stations.

As with all regulations, it is important to identify the applicable requirements to determine exactly how to comply.  Guy can help with making applicability determinations, as well as, with developing reports when required.

Tier II (the most common form of reporting) is due March 1 each year.